My Story by DeAnne Merey:

After experiencing symptoms for many years, I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS) on my 44th birthday in 2013. In addition to allopathic treatments, I decided to do whatever I could to increase my chances of having the most favorable outcome in my battle against MS. After some research, I learned about the benefits of a lectin free diet for people suffering from auto-immune conditions. However, all the existing lectin free diet plans required great amounts of time, energy, and planning. Suffering from MS related fatigue, I couldn’t realistically create the elaborate, suggested meals on a regular basis. Therefore, I created lectin free meal combinations that are simple to prepare. These efforts inspired Lazylectinfree.com and the hope that you too will enjoy improved health with ease and speed. Thanks for visiting!

Special thanks to my son, Peter, for designing the website and making it a reality.

Co-Founders DeAnne Merey (left) and Peter Haas (right)