Dinner Fixes

Angel Hair Pasta Marinara:

  • Mix boiled angel hair millet pasta with equal parts of olive oil and strained tomato sauce. Top with basil and goat cheese. We recommend Big Green Organic brand of pasta with Pomi brand of strained tomato.
Salmon and Artichokes:

  • Combine salmon grilled in olive oil with artichokes marinated in olive oil and olives to taste and place on top of a bed of riced cauliflower. Heat to serve. We recommend Evoo Starkist brand of Pink Salmon, Poshi brand of artichokes, and Frutto d’Italia brand of olives.
Steak and Avocado:

  • Grill grass fed, pasture raised beef with olive oil and serve with avocado slices topped with grilled onions and a hint of lime juice.

Halibut Sweet Potato Noodle Bowl:

  • Grill wild caught halibut in olive oil and top with cilantro and vinaigrette. Transfer halibut to plate and cover to keep warm. In the same pan, add either dried or fresh kale, chopped and stemmed, and add 1 tablespoon of olive oil and ¼ cup of water. For fresh kale, cook until shimmering and then reduce heat to medium low and cook until it wilts for about 4 minutes. For dried kale, wait for kale to soften. Add lemon juice and black pepper to kale to taste. Place kale over cooked sweet potato noodles in a serving bowl and top with prepared halibut.

Fish and Broccoli:

  • Pair wild caught fish of your choice with broccoli. Heat to serve. We recommend Wild Mediterranean Fields Ready and Fresh brand of sautéed broccoli

Vegan Noodles and Broccoli:

  • Cook sweet potato noodles and mix with heated broccoli.