Lazy Lectin-Free Fixes

Why are lectins harmful to people with auto-immune diseases and other conditions?

When lectins are consumed by sensitive individuals, lectins bind to the surrounding cells of the digestive tract. When these lectins bind for long periods of time, this can trigger an autoimmune response in which the person’s immune system attacks its own body. This is why people with certain medical conditions stand to benefit enormously from the lectin-free diet.

Why do we need lectin-free fixes that require virtually no preparation time?

The lectin-free diet can be extremely beneficial as a complementary therapy, in addition to allopathic medical treatments, for people who suffer from auto-immune and other conditions. However, other lectin-free programs generally take hours, or even an entire day, to prepare each meal. This makes it highly burdensome, expensive, or nearly impossible to adopt a lectin-free diet. In addition, patients who suffer from Multiple Sclerosis, one of the more severe auto-immune conditions, often experience extreme fatigue which makes it even more of a challenge to prepare elaborate meals. Our mission is to enhance peoples’ chances of dramatically improving their health by adopting a lectin-free lifestyle. Offering lectin-free selections that require virtually no preparation time now makes the lectin-free diet a realistic choice for many patients.